Illustration Web Website Review & Ratings + Illustration Web Coupons
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Illustration Web Website Review & Ratings + Illustration Web Coupons

Illustration Web : Products & Services

Illustration Web is an illustration and animation international agency, representing brilliant Illustrators and Animators worldwide. Illustration Web focuses on helping their clients to find the perfect illustrator for their job. A client can find the perfect illustrator by style or by name. Through a process of registration it enables the member to access a high resolution files and enabling them to save and send images. Illustration Web represent the largest teams of animators in the world, if a client prefer an animation it is possible then. Furthermore, Illustration Web offers high quality stock illustrations in every style and medium to suit client needs. The good thing with Illustration Web is they allow clients to watch for their illustrators techniques in action.

Illustration Web : Company Background

Illustration is made up of three offices in London, New York and Shanghai which is represented by one hundred twenty international illustrators and animators. They have also two established and closely affiliated partners in Hamburg and Paris which is represented by sixty illustrators.

In the year 1929, Illustration life has begun which is known as the Kathleen Boland Studio and later as Garden Studio. In 1999 the agency acquired Jacqui Figgis Illustration, ever strengthening of quality illustrators that they represent.

With a strong determination Illustration were the first agency to distribute artist's books on CD ROM and pioneered the use of ISDN to both deliver and receive portfolios and artworks world-wide. Currently, they are using a new platform called “” intended for animators that causes to expand the illustrators' horizons beyond print and onto animated screen commissions.

Furthermore, Illustration is a corporate group type of company that manage  a few hundred illustration and animation commissions a month in a professional and relaxed manner using sophisticated background systems they have developed over the years to best serve their clients and co-artists. Illustration Web is headed by its owner Mr. Harry Lyon-Smith which is situated in 2 Brooks Court Cringle Street London SW8 5BX.

Illustration Web : Customer Feedback & Reviews

Generally, website looks neat. However, when it comes to website navigability the customers has recommended changing layout of the site for easy navigation. Their social networking links as well cannot be found as easy as very tiny buttons hiding in a follow us link which cannot be found at the main page which is apparently important.

Registration process is quite easy and once accepted an access to high resolution files and enables a member to save and send images. The commissioning process is well introduced for beginners. When it comes to pricing a client cannot easily see the price for a particular artwork unless a quote is requested. There are no editorials on the company.

Illustration Web : Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Illustration Web is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau. There is no result that comes out when it was search to bureau’s database. Therefore there is no rating for Illustration Web under BBB. When it comes to major media coverage of Illustration Web, their site contains no information on it.  Further checks was made on their about us page and blog page but consistently no data can be found. The company has no accreditations, associations, or awards achieved as information can be found on their site or elsewhere on the web about such. However, when it comes to certification, they have an SSL certification signed by Thawte Server CA but unfortunately it is already expired according to online site checker.

Illustration Web : Website Popularity & Google Ranking

There’s no submitted review for under Alexa, however its global rank is 238,425. On the internet averages, the site’s user were childless, they are also excessively women under the age of 35 who browses from work. The 21% of the site visitors are in the US where it ranked #193,061. On the other hand the site is popular as well in the UK area where it ranked #64,176. Another factor for the site's popularity is the 1,072 sites linking into it. The site has 5.25% search traffic with average impact on search queries. The Google PageRank value is 4 out of 10 with estimated 169,353 unique visitors visited the site per month.

Illustration Web : Social Media Presence

Illustration Web is maintaining a blog for their customers. Their blog page is updated on a monthly basis containing various illustrations posts. Moreover, Illustration Web’s social media presence is present to the leading social networking sites these days. They have a Facebook page with 457 likes and 59 talking about them. They can be followed as well at their Twitter page with 2,350 followers, 1,995 following and contains 1,712 tweets. View videos on their YouTube channel with 7, 694 views and 11 subscribers. Illustration web can also be found at Myspace and LinkedIn too. The links to their social networking sites can be found at their website link pages except on their blog page on the upper portion.   

Illustration Web : Website Security & Safety

When it comes to Illustration Web website security, the site is secured. The SSL Certificate for is signed by Thawte Server CA. However, this certification is already expired on Sunday 9 October 2011. The site is not using a secure (https: //) connection. A check was also done through Google’s diagnostics page and as a result the site is not currently listed as suspicious. When Google visited the site, out of the 4 pages tested over the past 90 days there were no malicious software being downloaded and installed without user consent. The last time Google visited this site was on 2013-01-21. Moreover, did not appear to function as midway for other site to get infected.

Illustration Web : Pricing & Packages

Illustration Web houses lots of styles, illustrators, and animators artwork. However, the pricing for these artworks is not accessible not unless a client will ask for a quotation. Through simple steps consisting of four paces a client can get into a desired artwork. The first thing is to choose an illustrator by browsing the list of illustrators. The second step is to get a quote once the desired illustrator has been chosen. A scrapbook images can be send as well when asking for a quote. The third step is review a sketch with this the illustrator will send a sketch for a client’s comment. The last step is receiving the artwork. The illustrator will send the client a JPEG of the finished artwork for a final approval however, only small changes can be made at this stage and after that the original or a digital file at the suitable resolution will be provided to the client.

Illustration Web : Shipping Rates & Policies

Illustration Web delivery policy of the Artwork shall take place at the Client’s place of business as set out on the Client Order Confirmation. Any dates specified by the Artist or the Agency for delivery of the Artwork are intended to be an estimate only and time for delivery shall not be made of the essence by notice. If no dates are so specified, delivery shall be within a reasonable time and will be subject to the Client complying with its obligations. If the work is delivered electronically it will be deemed finished if either high or low resolution. The delivery cost is automatically added to the fees which delivery charges are exclusive of VAT.

Illustration Web : Payment Methods Accepted

Illustration Web’s payment policy shall be made to the Agency whose receipt shall be a full and sufficient discharge to the Client. The Client shall pay the fees set out on the Client Order Confirmation, on a purchase order. The fees either confirmed in writing by email or fax, or agreed orally prior to the Artist producing the Artwork. All payment methods will be made available then.

The Artwork will be supplied in paper form or digitally. If extra electronic or digital copies or prints are required additional fees will be charged. The Client shall pay each invoice submitted to it by the Agency, in full and in cleared funds, within 14 days of receipt to the Bank Account.

Illustration Web : Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Illustration Web requests for amendments made for all delivered items later than: three (3) working days after the delivery of Artwork may be refused by the Artist where they may interfere with subsequent commissions. In this case, no reduction in fee will be allowed. For seven days after the delivery of the Artwork will be refused by the Artist and it shall be conclusively presumed that the Artwork has been accepted.

Illustration Web : Product images & screenshots
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